The Impact of Burning Garbage on the Environment

The Impact of Burning Garbage on the Environment – The environment is something that we must protect together. To get a clean and healthy environment, we must be able to maintain it properly. One of the bad actions taken is to burn garbage carelessly

The Impact of Burning Garbage on the Environment

The impact of burning plastic waste

Some of the most dangerous chemicals created and released during combustion are those from burning plastics, such as dioxins. Dioxins are harmful substances that are formed when products containing chlorine are burned. The unburned plastic parts become waste in soil, lakes and rivers. When crushed, animals can eat the plastic and become sick.

Larger pieces of plastic can become a breeding ground for disease, such as by trapping water that is a mosquito habitat.

The impact of burning wood and fallen leaves

When household wastes, such as wood and leaves are burned, they produce smoke, which contains vapors and particles (solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air). Air pollution from smoke can have an impact on human health. People exposed to these air pollutants can experience eye and nose irritation, difficulty breathing, coughing, and headaches. People with heart disease, asthma, emphysema or other respiratory diseases are especially sensitive to air pollution. Other health problems exacerbated by incineration include lung infections, pneumonia, bronchiolitis and allergies.

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The impact of burning waste and plastic

Burning household waste can cause long-term health problems. Toxic chemicals released during the incineration of waste, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and polycyclic organic matter (POMs). Burning plastic and processed wood also releases heavy metals and toxic chemicals, such as dioxins. Other chemicals released when burning plastic include benzo(a)pyrene (BAP) and polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), both of which have been shown to cause cancer. If agricultural bags or containers are contaminated with pesticides or other harmful substances, they will also be released into the air.