Important Reasons to Replace Plastic Bags Into Shopping Bags

Important Reasons to Replace Plastic Bags Into Shopping Bags – The government has determined that people should switch from plastic bags to shopping bags or commonly known as tote bags. The limitations that can be done can reduce the negative impact of plastic waste that is usually obtained. Tote bags can replace plastic bags. Besides not being wasteful, the use of tote bags can also reduce the production of waste. Here are the exact reasons why you should switch to a tote bag.

1. Commitment to protect the environment
One of the most important benefits if you start switching from plastic bags to tote bags is to contribute to the campaign to save the environment. The idea for a plastic diet is increasingly being encouraged because the amount of waste is getting more and more fantastic. This environmental impact is exacerbated because the use of plastic bags tends to be single use, and the period of use is relatively short.

Plastic bags from super markets, for example, are often immediately thrown away when they are not used anymore. This is different from a tote bag which can last a long time and be used repeatedly, so it can reduce the amount of plastic waste production

2. Helping live frugally
If plastic consumption can be reduced by using a tote bag, this step will also help save daily expenses. Because some supermarkets have a certain rate every time shoppers shop using the plastic bags they provide. Although the average nominal is relatively small because it is not more than 500 silver, if done in a frequent intensity it can have an impact on swelling expenses. Of course it’s different if you bring your own tote bag, there are no additional expenses.

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3. Has a stronger material
Another advantage of using a tote bag is that the material is stronger, so it is guaranteed to be safer when the goods you are carrying have excess weight. Tote bags have several types, the most fragile is the tote bag with spunbond material. However, this material is guaranteed to be much stronger than plastic bags. Other types include calico material, canvas and drill, which are certainly more solid and stronger than spunbond. Moreover, plastic bags generally can only be filled for light carrying, such as snacks, not those that are heavier than that.

4. Can be used for many
In addition to being stronger, tote bags made of cloth also have a larger size than plastic bags. Strong material and larger size so that it can be used for many purposes. The tote bag can not only be used to carry groceries, it can also be used as a carry-on to carry office files, or it can also be used as a bag by students, mothers shopping for kitchen needs, or other activities.