Know Why Electric Vehicles Are Good for the Environment

Know Why Electric Vehicles Are Good for the Environment – The environment is a place that we must protect and care for. To get a healthy and comfortable life, we need to care about the existing environment. In the development of emission reduction efforts in G20 countries based on the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) target, it is stated that the transportation sector contributes 27 percent of emissions. Too many huh?

Seeing this, developed countries are flocking to produce electric vehicles for public or private transportation modes. Moreover, this electric vehicle is predicted to be better for the environment because it emits fewer emissions than gasoline-based vehicles.

But, apart from that, what are the benefits of electric vehicles? Come on, see the full details below!

Know Why Electric Vehicles Are Good for the Environment

1. Good for you and the environment

As mentioned above, electric vehicles have a good impact on the environment. Thanks to the low negative impact on GHG and pollution, the air will definitely be cleaner.

Emissions issued by one liter of gasoline reach 2.4 kg of carbon dioxide. That equates to 1.3 kWh of electricity whose emissions he says are only half, namely 1.2 kg of carbon dioxide.

Not only that. Because without exhaust gases, automatic electric vehicles do not produce carbon dioxide emissions when driving so that air pollution will be significantly reduced. If the air is cleaner, your health will improve too!

2. More economical

Indeed, the price of electric cars can be more expensive than gasoline-fueled vehicles in general, but in the long term, electric vehicles are more efficient. How come? PLN Deputy President Director Darmawan Prasodjo said that the cost of charging electric vehicles will be cheaper than the cost of filling gasoline in conventional cars.

Darmawan said that every liter of fuel is equivalent to 1.3 Kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity. The price of gasoline per one liter is around Rp. 7,000-Rp. 8,000, while the electricity rate per one kWh is only around Rp. 1,400. This means, using electricity is one-fifth cheaper than using one liter of gasoline. Try counting again? Save it!

In addition, maintenance costs are also lower, you know. Fuel vehicles spend a lot of money for maintenance needs such as replacing engine oil, coolant, transmission, and others. For electric vehicles, these costs are lost due to the absence of an internal combustion engine. Possibly the most significant maintenance cost is only when replacing the battery. Isn’t it good? So you can save more!

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3. Help achieve the country’s goals

You must already know that the government continues to intensify the battery-based electric motor vehicle (KBLBB) program, in order to reduce dependence on imports of fuel oil (BBM) which can increasingly burden the state budget.

The problem is guys, of the national fuel needs of 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd), half of which is still met by imports. Therefore, the government encourages the pattern of shifting energy consumption from import-based to domestic energy.

By encouraging the use of electric vehicles, fuel imports are projected to be reduced to 37,000 bpd in 2025. Then, in 2030, it can be reduced to 77,000 bpd. Then, in 2040 can be reduced to 300,000 bpd.

The government targets that by 2030 as many as two million units of electric cars and 13 million units of electric motorcycles will pave the roads in Indonesia. For that, the government through PLN is ready to build up to 60 Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) in 2021. Indonesia is getting more advanced!

4. More safe and comfortable

Besides being quiet, electric vehicles are also more comfortable and safe thanks to the high technology inside. Tesla’s car, for example. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, said that the latest generation of cars is equipped with automatic braking features, adaptive cruise control that works automatically, automatic parking assistance, and others to support driving comfort.

Just look at various reviews of electric vehicles on YouTube, surely the most prominent is that there is no noise generated from the sound of the engine. That’s great! It will be the vehicle of the future.

The Reason We Should Care for the Environment

The Reason We Should Care for the Environment – The environment is the most important part that we must protect and preserve together. If the environment is clean, we will also get healthy air. Here are the reasons we should care about the environment

The Reason We Should Care for the Environment

1. Millennials must have a purpose that is beneficial to the environment

As a Millennial, you definitely don’t want to live life without a real purpose. It’s like riding in a vehicle that doesn’t have a clear destination, just a waste of your time and energy. Likewise with your life, set a purpose so that your productive time is not wasted.

One of the best goals you can have is to do good for the environment, both the natural environment and the community. It’s fine if you also want to pursue your own dreams, but don’t forget your surroundings.

Why is that important? Because no matter how successful you are, you will find it difficult to be happy if the environment around you is not conducive to your life and the people you care about. Therefore, have a purpose to do as much as possible for the sake of nature and the people around you.

2. We need a more sustainable planet

As already mentioned, our happiness will always be influenced by the circumstances around us. Earth is our beautiful home, but sadly our planet is undergoing serious damage. We need a more sustainable planet, and that’s another reason why millennials should be more concerned about environmental issues.

We can show that concern in simple ways. For example, in choosing products for daily needs, it’s time to start paying attention to more than just price and quality. Look for products that are environmentally friendly because they use raw materials that are taken responsibly, and support environmental conservation efforts.

Currently, you can easily find such products on the market. One of them is Kecap Bango which is a Unilever product. You must be familiar with this product, which is often used in various Indonesian dishes. In addition to quality, Bango Soy Sauce is apparently produced with a sustainable agricultural system that is environmentally friendly.

The system has a positive impact on the environment because it minimizes the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and saves fuel due to the minimal use of agricultural machinery. So, using a product like Kecap Bango is one of the simple steps you can take to create a more sustainable planet.

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3. We need a healthier and more prosperous society

In addition to the natural environment, the community environment must also be considered. If the community around us is healthy and prosperous, we will also receive the benefits. Don’t think that the welfare of the people is the government’s job. Everyone can and needs to do something to make that happen.

Again, the selection of the products we use can also contribute. Did you know that apart from being environmentally friendly, Bango soy sauce is also produced in a way that improves the welfare of the community? That’s because a sustainable farming system allows farmers to continue to run their business continuously so that they are more prosperous.

The Impact of Burning Garbage on the Environment

The Impact of Burning Garbage on the Environment – The environment is something that we must protect together. To get a clean and healthy environment, we must be able to maintain it properly. One of the bad actions taken is to burn garbage carelessly

The Impact of Burning Garbage on the Environment

The impact of burning plastic waste

Some of the most dangerous chemicals created and released during combustion are those from burning plastics, such as dioxins. Dioxins are harmful substances that are formed when products containing chlorine are burned. The unburned plastic parts become waste in soil, lakes and rivers. When crushed, animals can eat the plastic and become sick.

Larger pieces of plastic can become a breeding ground for disease, such as by trapping water that is a mosquito habitat.

The impact of burning wood and fallen leaves

When household wastes, such as wood and leaves are burned, they produce smoke, which contains vapors and particles (solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air). Air pollution from smoke can have an impact on human health. People exposed to these air pollutants can experience eye and nose irritation, difficulty breathing, coughing, and headaches. People with heart disease, asthma, emphysema or other respiratory diseases are especially sensitive to air pollution. Other health problems exacerbated by incineration include lung infections, pneumonia, bronchiolitis and allergies.

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The impact of burning waste and plastic

Burning household waste can cause long-term health problems. Toxic chemicals released during the incineration of waste, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and polycyclic organic matter (POMs). Burning plastic and processed wood also releases heavy metals and toxic chemicals, such as dioxins. Other chemicals released when burning plastic include benzo(a)pyrene (BAP) and polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), both of which have been shown to cause cancer. If agricultural bags or containers are contaminated with pesticides or other harmful substances, they will also be released into the air.


Important Reasons to Replace Plastic Bags Into Shopping Bags

Important Reasons to Replace Plastic Bags Into Shopping Bags – The government has determined that people should switch from plastic bags to shopping bags or commonly known as tote bags. The limitations that can be done can reduce the negative impact of plastic waste that is usually obtained. Tote bags can replace plastic bags. Besides not being wasteful, the use of tote bags can also reduce the production of waste. Here are the exact reasons why you should switch to a tote bag.

1. Commitment to protect the environment
One of the most important benefits if you start switching from plastic bags to tote bags is to contribute to the campaign to save the environment. The idea for a plastic diet is increasingly being encouraged because the amount of waste is getting more and more fantastic. This environmental impact is exacerbated because the use of plastic bags tends to be single use, and the period of use is relatively short.

Plastic bags from super markets, for example, are often immediately thrown away when they are not used anymore. This is different from a tote bag which can last a long time and be used repeatedly, so it can reduce the amount of plastic waste production

2. Helping live frugally
If plastic consumption can be reduced by using a tote bag, this step will also help save daily expenses. Because some supermarkets have a certain rate every time shoppers shop using the plastic bags they provide. Although the average nominal is relatively small because it is not more than 500 silver, if done in a frequent intensity it can have an impact on swelling expenses. Of course it’s different if you bring your own tote bag, there are no additional expenses.

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3. Has a stronger material
Another advantage of using a tote bag is that the material is stronger, so it is guaranteed to be safer when the goods you are carrying have excess weight. Tote bags have several types, the most fragile is the tote bag with spunbond material. However, this material is guaranteed to be much stronger than plastic bags. Other types include calico material, canvas and drill, which are certainly more solid and stronger than spunbond. Moreover, plastic bags generally can only be filled for light carrying, such as snacks, not those that are heavier than that.

4. Can be used for many
In addition to being stronger, tote bags made of cloth also have a larger size than plastic bags. Strong material and larger size so that it can be used for many purposes. The tote bag can not only be used to carry groceries, it can also be used as a carry-on to carry office files, or it can also be used as a bag by students, mothers shopping for kitchen needs, or other activities.


How to Maintain the Right Environmental Clean

How to Maintain the Right Environmental Clean – Everyone wants to have a clean and pollution-free environment. Protecting the environment is one of the best ways to get a healthy environment for our health. Protecting the environment can prevent flooding, not only that but also can avoid various existing diseases. Here’s how to keep the environment clean and healthy.

1. Dispose of trash in its place

The simplest way to keep the environment clean starts from self-awareness to throw garbage in its place. Therefore, the availability of adequate trash bins in our environment also needs to be considered.

If possible, you can create separate trash bins according to the type, namely organic and non-organic waste. So, what if we don’t find trash cans around us? Take your trash out first and throw it away when you find a trash can.

2. Keep the house clean

How do you want to keep the environment clean if the cleanliness of your own home is not maintained? Come on, invite your family to keep the house clean. There’s no need to clean every time, you just need to schedule regular cleanings.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the yard, floor, and bathroom. Make sure the inside of the house gets enough air circulation so that your house doesn’t feel stuffy. Also, don’t get used to hanging clothes that have been worn for days. If you don’t intend to use it, you should wash your clothes and store them in the closet.

3. Turn waste into compost

Still remember about the benefits of water hyacinth that can be processed into organic fertilizer? It turns out that not only wild plants can be processed into organic fertilizer, but waste can also be processed into compost, you know. First, make organic and non-organic trash bins. The waste that goes into the organic tub will be processed into compost.

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How to make compost is quite easy, just collect organic waste in a bucket or drum container. Then, make a hole in the bottom of this garbage collection container. Next, plant a container of organic waste in the soil to a depth of at least 10 cm. Sprinkle sawdust or soil over the organic waste.

After letting it sit for 3 months, remove the container from the ground to air it for 1 week. Well, after that the compost diaper is ready to use.

4. Crush plastic or cardboard containers

After drinking mineral water, you should crush the plastic bottle before throwing it in the trash. Even so with containers made of cardboard, you should tear or squeeze them before throwing them away. Why should we do this? Crushing plastic or cardboard containers is part of how to keep the environment clean.

By destroying plastic or cardboard, the waste cannot be reused. In addition, squeezing plastic or cardboard waste before disposal is also a step to reduce the volume of waste.

5. Recycle trash

Why do you have to recycle trash, when plastic containers and cardboard only have to be crushed and can’t be used anymore? Plastic or cardboard containers cannot be used many times. However, you can recycle waste from other types of waste.

For example, old paint cans can be used instead of flower pots. Then, the detergent wrapper can also be woven into a simple, but very useful shopping bag. Find waste that has the potential to be recycled into safe and harmless objects even though it will be reused.

Reasons Must Be able to Withstand Emotions

Reasons Must Be able to Withstand Emotions

Reasons Must Be able to Withstand Emotions – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from reliable sources, here are the reasons you should be able to hold your emotions.

Everyone does have a different level of patience. Do you have a high enough level of patience? If not, this should be practiced immediately. Remember that many things are annoying enough in this world that you need to be patient.

If you still don’t know the importance of practicing patience, try reading the following explanations so that there is an inner desire to change. Listen carefully, yes!

1. Remember that life is really hard

Everyone must have the same perspective regarding the hardships of living in this world. Life is tough, your job as a human being is to train your adaptability. One of the things that must be trained is the ability to remain patient.

If you can be patient in facing various kinds of obstacles, believe that everything will work out fine. That’s because you can accept whatever happens gracefully.

2. Sometimes whatever you expect is not what you expected

You must have a lot of dreams to fulfill, right? This is certainly a challenge for you to fight for it. Besides that, you also have to be able to prepare yourself to be patient when your expectations don’t match your expectations.

Therefore it can be concluded that you need to practice patience. The more often you are patient, then anything that is burdensome is definitely not too heart-consuming.

3. You will meet people who have different thoughts

Don’t you realize that everyone has a different perspective in seeing a phenomenon? When differences arise, sometimes you will tend to feel hurt because you do not agree with his words and actions.

But remember that it is irreversible and absolute. All you can do is be patient in dealing with all these differences.

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4. Remember that patience is the key to success

Previously we mentioned that everyone must expect a success. If you want to achieve this, sometimes you need extra patience. This patience will help you to smooth the path of struggle.

Train the strength of your heart from now on so that later you can survive despite the many ordeals that come without stopping.

5. With the habit of being patient, you will be a wise person

Everyone is required to be wise in dealing with everything. This wisdom will certainly appear within you if you are used to being patient. You will definitely be a legowo person in the face of various obstacles.

You will also understand the fact that the reality of life is really bitter. With patience, you will be able to accept whatever it is without complaining.

The Influence of the Environment on Child Development

The Influence of the Environment on Child Development

The Influence of the Environment on Child Development – After going through several stages of the screening process, we are finally able to refine the article we have collected with data from reliable sources about the influence of the environment on children’s growth and development.

Community environment, hearing that word may be familiar to all of us, because we ourselves are in the community.

Whether we are in a rural, urban or urban setting, we all live in an environment with other communities, because in essence the community is the third educational institution after education in the family and school environment.

While the concept of the community itself is that society can be interpreted as a form of social life with its own values ​​and cultural systems.

In the sense that society is a container and vehicle for education; a pluralistic field of human life (plural: ethnicity, religion, work activities, education level, socio-economic level and so on).

Children with imitation characteristics are very easy to be influenced by the environment around them. As parents, they should be able to put children in a good environment so that children are also carried away by good influences, because basically children are easily influenced by things things around it.

When he was in school, sometimes he was influenced by the negative things that were on his friends. Likewise when he is in a community environment.

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An environment that has positive values ​​will certainly affect the child’s development, and vice versa. The child’s mindset and behavior will be formed along with the situation and conditions in the surrounding community.

Therefore, the role of parents must be very careful with their children so that their children are not free and uncontrolled. Parents not only earn a living but must also be able to spend time for their children, because the first child’s education is in the family environment.

Parents can monitor how their child is developing at home, see who the children are playing with around their environment, and what is the situation in the community that surrounds the child.

That way, their development will always be controlled, both in the family environment and when the children are in the community.

Choosing the Best Environmental Assessment Course

Deciding on what environmental assessment course is best for you to take is really a function of what your goals are. For those still in college and into the natural and social sciences, they should pick the entry level courses in environmental risk assessment courses while trying to get involved in research projects to see if this is the field that they would like to pursue.

For professionals, taking courses online can help them incorporate environmental assessment tactics and principles into their daily operations. Many scientists and academicians have found gainful employment (full-time or part-time) in the preparation of environmental impact studies or in the conduct of environmental assessment training.

Environmental assessment is an activity where practitioners determine how the operations of a proposed project might affect the environment; to minimize effects, they also often identify steps can be taken to reduce negative impact. The findings of these studies are considered important factors in decision making by professionals in across many industries. When done correctly, it accurately predicts how the environment is impacted by an activity before it is performed.

In either of the cases, it is always important to choose an environmental assessment course that is taught by a trained professional who is familiar with local environmental laws and regulations. When choosing a program you might need to have certain qualifications to enroll. For example, some courses require that students have backgrounds in fields such as statistics and chemistry.

The scope of environmental assessment is the same regardless of the level of study and your skill set will determine where your contributions to the doing of the assessment will be:

The need for the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment report will be determined by the local government. The same agency in the local government will notify other agencies if their participation is needed. They will also bring their expert information and data.

The agency responsible will also establish the scope of the project, factors for consideration and the time frame to deliver the study.

The environmental team will gather the data, conduct interviews and research for the impact zones. This will allow the team to identify potential environmental effects and measures to mitigate these effects.

The responsible agencies will review the findings of the environmental risk assessment report against other assessments, past reports and historical data to verify the findings. From this analysis it will be determined if the effects to the environment are significant or minimal. These findings will determine if the project will continue as is, require modification or be scrapped altogether.

If the project was given the clearance to proceed then the mitigation procedures must also start immediately. These mitigation plans must be included in the drawings, plans and implements of the project.

As part of the environmental assessment, a follow-up plan is sometimes required, this will assure that all required processes are being implemented and that there are no other impacts other than the ones already studied.

An environmental assessment can help incorporate environmental assessment tactics and principles into their daily operations. Environmental risk assessment courses determine how the operations of a proposed project might affect the environment, to minimize effects.

Five Ways an Environmental Contractor Can Improve Your Business

Environmental contracting is a fast-growing industry, but many small business owners are still unaware of the potential benefits of hiring a contractor. While it may be hard to justify shelling out for an external service, especially if it’s not immediately essential for day-to-day operations, the long-term savings that this investment can generate will make it well worth your consideration.

1. Legal Compliance

It can be tempting to turn a blind eye to possible environmental violations, particularly if your business is small. However, ignoring legal regulations carries the risk of financial burdens that eclipse any imagined savings from non-compliance. In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency succeeded in securing $9 billion in judicially-mandated efforts by businesses to reduce pollutants or clean contaminated areas, as well as $208 million in civil fines and $44 million in criminal fines. Hiring an environmental contractor to review your business practices can help ensure that you avoid incurring any unexpected penalties.

2. Company Image

Faced with deteriorating ocean health, extreme weather patterns, increased extinction rates, and rising global temperatures, many Americans are becoming more concerned about the environmental impact of their buying habits. Accordingly, businesses that appear to take steps to improve their environmental footprint can improve their image to consumers. Hiring environmental contractors to assess your business can translate into an advantageous marketing resource.

3. Green Branding

Since products that appear to be environmentally-conscious are becoming more and more appealing to consumers, an environmental contractor can help your business identify ways to make your products more environmentally-friendly. One way this can be achieved is to use sustainable materials such as recycled paper or biodegradable plastics. However, green branding is subject to strict regulations by the Federal Trade Commission. An environmental contractor can help ensure that your products meet the legal requirements for your green marketing claims.

4. In-House Savings

Reducing your carbon footprint and energy usage can directly result in savings beyond image-improvement and green marketing strategies. An environmental contractor can analyze your business from an environmental perspective and identify ways to reduce consumption and save money. Possible initiatives include minimizing energy wasted on heating and cooling, transitioning to sustainable and more cost-effective energy sources such as solar panels, lowering waste disposal expenses by expanding recycling programs, and maximizing transportation options for employees.

5. Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategies

Many businesses face public resistance when they are seeking to expand or enter into new areas, particularly if those areas are environmentally sensitive. Hiring an environmental contractor to conduct an environmental impact assessment can help counter these fears. In addition, the contractor can identify sites which would be least impacted, as well as offer suggestions to reduce any hypothetical impact.

For many business owners, new regulations and the emerging green economy represent uncharted waters. Hiring an environmental contractor can help you avoid legal pitfalls while taking advantage of everything that an eco-friendly image and environmentally responsible practices can offer.

If you’re a business owner in Florida and are considering the advantages of hiring an environmental contractor, Florida Groundwater Services (FGS) Group operates with a combined experience of 150 years, and may be able to offer low-cost solutions for your needs.

An Environmental Science Degree: An Investment In The Future

An Environmental Science Degree: An Investment In The Future – The world is changing faster now than at any time since the last ice-age 10,000 years ago and the major cause of that change is man. To allow the changes to continue unchecked is reckless at the least. Monitoring those changes and being able to convince others that we have to do or not do activities that affect the environment will take well qualified people with the relevant environmental science degree.

It has often been said that the education offered in colleges and universities are a direct response to the job market and the trends therein. If this is so then the future for professionals with an environmental science degree could not be much brighter.

After the industrial and the informational age, we are quickly entering the environmental age, where the environment and its characteristics are of paramount importance.

Never before, as a society, have we paid real attention to the environment and many would argue we still do not pay enough attention. Continuous exploitation of the earths natural resources and constant generation of heat and waste products have caused significant damage to the environment.

We live in an age where knowing, understanding and adapting to the environment is no longer a choice – it is the only way ahead. This age demands qualified professionals, especially those with professional environmental science degrees.

A number of allied degrees find their place alongside conventional environmental science degrees. Big business has, for a long time, been required to comply with safety and industrial security requirements. In industries like biotechnology, due to the nature of the products, there are numerous opportunities for disaster.

Disaster management and hazardous material management are fields of study that are very much in demand by today’s high technology industries. While often these studies are not comprehensive enough to be offered as science degrees by themselves, these courses are more often than not partnered with environmental science degrees as part of a package deal.

For the environmental science degree student, it can be an advantage. While pursuing their main course of study, they can get qualifications in a number of allied fields. This makes them thorough professionals and capable of entering a wide range of industries when they graduate with their environmental science degree.

As a result of the long-standing lobbying activities, the United States is home to some of the worlds largest and best funded environmental groups and many professionals, working for these groups, have environmental science degrees.

Jobs exist with government bodies, lobbying positions with political groups and corporate organizations, research positions with foundations and other research organizations. More opportunities exist in the environmental safety departments of leading oil majors and even faculty positions at colleges offering environmental science degrees. They all offer lucrative positions that professionals with an environmental science degree can hope to secure.

An environmental science degree does not deal with environmental topics alone. Due to the very nature of their work, professionals who acquire an environmental science degree need to be equipped with allied subjects like compliance, law, criminal justice, and public communication.

The courses of study that ultimately lead to a environmental science degree are varied and interesting. Someone with an environmental science degree is likely to be tasked with protecting our environment as a result we need the very best!