Bet Shoot Fish Real Money Joker88

Bet Shoot Fish Real Money Joker88 – Shoot fish is one of joker88’s interesting games, this game is played by many bettors ranging from young people to adults. Of course your understanding of the fish shooting game is very important. Not only a guide on how to play it properly. But here, a player also needs special ways to be able to increase the winrate.

Before that, make sure you have downloaded the Fishing GO application via the cellphone used. If you are using an iPhone, please download the application provided through the App Store. Meanwhile, for Windroid or Android users, please download it via the Google Play Store. Not only that, make sure you also have an account from a gambling site that provides online fish shooting games. Because through this ID you will be able to play with real money directly.

The way to play shooting fish is actually very simple. Each player only has to collect as many points or coins as possible. These points or coins will later be replaced with real money through online gambling sites. For 1 point in the online fish shooting game, it costs 25 Rupiah. So let’s say you earn 10,000 points or coins. Then the money you can get is 10,000 X 25 = 250,000 Rupiah.

Given that the bullets issued have a price, a player cannot just shoot carelessly. Make sure every shot that is fired is always ACCURATE. The less you waste bullets, the greater the payment you will get. Because a player still has large coins / points when the shot taken is accurate.

Apart from bullets, each fish also has different odds values. The bigger the size of the fish that appears, the higher the points or coins you have. So when a player kills him successfully, the points earned are added up much faster.

Not only the payment for the online fish shooting game, the amount of your profit will be multiplied thanks to the many PROMO BONUS provided by trusted online gambling sites. The bonuses here can reduce total losses, increase winnings and increase playing capital. That way, a player can be much more comfortable in playing shooting fish without fear of experiencing many losses.