The Influence of the Environment on Child Development

The Influence of the Environment on Child Development

The Influence of the Environment on Child Development – After going through several stages of the screening process, we are finally able to refine the article we have collected with data from reliable sources about the influence of the environment on children’s growth and development.

Community environment, hearing that word may be familiar to all of us, because we ourselves are in the community.

Whether we are in a rural, urban or urban setting, we all live in an environment with other communities, because in essence the community is the third educational institution after education in the family and school environment.

While the concept of the community itself is that society can be interpreted as a form of social life with its own values ​​and cultural systems.

In the sense that society is a container and vehicle for education; a pluralistic field of human life (plural: ethnicity, religion, work activities, education level, socio-economic level and so on).

Children with imitation characteristics are very easy to be influenced by the environment around them. As parents, they should be able to put children in a good environment so that children are also carried away by good influences, because basically children are easily influenced by things things around it.

When he was in school, sometimes he was influenced by the negative things that were on his friends. Likewise when he is in a community environment.

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An environment that has positive values ​​will certainly affect the child’s development, and vice versa. The child’s mindset and behavior will be formed along with the situation and conditions in the surrounding community.

Therefore, the role of parents must be very careful with their children so that their children are not free and uncontrolled. Parents not only earn a living but must also be able to spend time for their children, because the first child’s education is in the family environment.

Parents can monitor how their child is developing at home, see who the children are playing with around their environment, and what is the situation in the community that surrounds the child.

That way, their development will always be controlled, both in the family environment and when the children are in the community.